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We invite you to join our annual guided World War ll Memorial Tour - Exclusive Edition.

There’s so much WWII history in Poland, it’s where it all started - Gdansk Westerplatte, Hitler's Wolf Lair, Auschwitz death camp, underground bunkers, Warsaw uprising (add more). Plus enjoy the benefits of driving safely around Poland in your own 4X4, SUV and camper van viewing the natural landscapes, the lakes, the forests, including some greenlaneing, with high standard B&B and hotels included.

If you are interested in join us, but you aren't an owner of 4X4, SUV or camper van, we will give you a chance to be part of our team.
Please contact us and we can offer you the best option for you.

During World War II Memorial Tour - Exclusive edition you visit:

  • Gdansk, Westerplatte, Hitler’s Wolfsschanze (Wolf’s Lair) Headquarters,
  • German Army Headquarters in Mamerki, Pozezdrze (Himmler Headquarter),
  • Wizna (Battle of the Wizna), Warsaw, The Warsaw Rising Museum,
  • Sochaczew (Battle of the Bzura),
  • Konewka train bunker,
  • Auschwitz concentration camp,
  • Owl Mountains, Hitler’s Forgotten Bunkers (Project Riese),
  • POW Lamsdorf
  • Ksiaz castle, Camps in Zagan,
  • Krzystkowice (Alfred Nobel Dynamit Factory),
  • Międzyrzecz Fortification Region
  • and a lots of more …
  • Start of one vehicle with the basic assumption (1 driver + 1 co-driver).
  • Food and accommodation (high stars B&B and hotels) 
  • Guiding. The route is divided into 7 to 13 days. (depend the tour)
  • Maps of the area supplied where applicable (i.e. difficult sections).
  • Sheets of special tasks.
  • Charges for accommodation in guesthouses on the route.
  • Charges for accommodation at campsites.
  • Restaurant lunch.
  • Tickets to all tourists attractions.
  • Additional gifts.
  • Welcome ‘surprise goody pack’.
  • and more

Trip Excludes

  • fuel
  • ferry or Euro Tunnel.
  • alcohol, tips,

Extra cost:

  • additional adult passenger or children more then 12 years – 50% of trip fees.
  • additional children 6-12 years – 25% of fee.
  • additional children 0-6 years (upon commencement of tour) free.
  • more then two children – cost like one adult passenger
  1. :

    Wonderful experience on the WW2 tour. Poland is a beautiful country and is been great the explore it with a very knowledgeable guide. Really interesting to learn more about war in Poland. Great team too!

  2. :

    Great WW2 Memorial Tour combined with interesting tracks/green lanes. Combination of B&B’s and camping, all very good, even excellent.
    Fab guide with a great sense of humour as well as knowing his stuff. Will definitely travel with him again

  3. :

    Knowledgable guide who is passionate about his Country, helpful with a range of queries on route from needing a comfort break to very specific questions about particular places or museums. If you have relations who were in Poland around WW2 era, as was the case in one of our fellow travelers, Marcin will do as much as he can to help you in finding out information. Great to travel with a person who knows his own Country, language and customs.

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