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Ever heard of Transylvania, a place somewhere in Eastern Europe that’s supposedly beautiful and mysterious? If the answer is yes, you’re probably thinking of vampires hiding in medieval castles surrounded by dramatic landscapes… without knowing where that is actually!
During Vampire 4X4 Tour you will visit eight countries, pass through mountain ranges at altitudes of more than 2,000 metres, drive in the tyre tracks of previous famous European tours (i.e. Top Gear’s Transalpina drive of the Transfogerach Road), stand on the edge of one of the largest water dams in Europe, and visit the castles of Vlad the Impaler and Dracula (Bran).
Within 8 days you will have the opportunity to embrace another culture, complete with its amazing forested mountainous landscapes, basically the best that the European Union has to offer. There is also time for play, for within each route there are off-road sections. Overnight stops will be a interesting mix of designated campsites, wild camping in the mountains and boarding houses & hotels in villages/towns, so in the most part hot water and showers await. Wherever we find ourselves, rest assured that everything will be organised in advance. This includes evening ‘get-togethers’ which could well involve BBQs and vodka Palinka!
We guarantee you will get the best out of your 4X4 with minimal equipment. With correct guidance, Eastern Europe is perfectly safe, secure and oh so beautiful.

DAY 1 Check all groups to the starting point. Accommodation in the guesthouse. Short familiarization meeting in the evening, time to meet one another.

DAY 2 Official opening of the event. Transfer of materials which participants will need for excursions, maps, road-book, etc. Check out the route and what people prefer doing – a little climbing for example? Overnight stay in tents in the mountains?

DAY 3 Forests, mountains and Transylvania villages. The route mainly above 1200 metres. We enter the Transalpine DN 67c road. BBQ in the hotel garden.

DAY 4 Twisty scenic route on the Transalpina DN 67c at an altitude of about 2000 metres. The entrance to one of highest peaks at 2140 metres – Urudele Pass. Beautiful pastures, most beautiful part of the Carpathian Mountains. Accommodation in the river valley, open fire, etc. In the summer night temperatures of about 6 degrees. Brrr!!! Cold in the tents.

DAY 5 Further beautiful areas of Romanian Carpathians. Guided cave Muierilor “The Woman’s Cave”. Overnight at a beautiful glade.

DAY 6 Asphalt trail, rural landscapes. Continue to Transfăgărășan DN7c road. We visit the most interesting Monastery in Curtea de Arges. Overnight at B&B

DAY 7 Further Transfogerach DN7C route. We visit castle ruins (Vlad Tepes or Vlad III Dracula) in Poeinari. Stop at one of the highest dams in Europe 163m high. Tackle the hairpin bends televised on TOP GEAR. Stop over at Lake Balea, altitude of over 2000 metres. Overnight in tents on the outskirts of the Castle in Brane.

DAY 8 Travel to the Castle in Brane. Tour of the castle used in the Dracula films. End of the tour, official farewell lunch in a restaurant. Back to the UK.

  • Start of one vehicle with the basic assumption (1 driver + 1 co-driver).
  • Guiding. The route is divided into 7 to 13 days. (depend the tour)
  • Maps of the area supplied where applicable (i.e. difficult sections).
  • Sheets of special tasks.
  • Charges for accommodation in guesthouses on the route.
  • Charges for accommodation at campsites.
  • Restaurant lunch.
  • Tickets to all tourists attractions.
  • Additional gifts.
  • Welcome ‘surprise goody pack’.
  • and more

Trip Excludes

  • fuel
  • ferry or Euro Tunnel.
  • alcohol, tips,
  • food

Extra cost:

  • additional adult passenger or children more then 12 years – 50% of trip fees.
  • additional children 6-12 years – 25% of fee.
  • additional children 0-6 years (upon commencement of tour) free.
  • more then two children – cost like one adult passenger
  1. :

    We are John and Mel who were on the ill fated July 2014 Vampire Tour. The first few days were as expected with the planning attention to detail obvious – until the rains came! With our vehicles stranded, the road washed away, and the water level rising the situation had the potential for real disaster. However working as a team , and with Marcin’s extensive local knowledge and contacts, we survived an adventure that we shall never forget. The company made all arrangements for onward travel home and return flights to repatriate our vehicles. We plan to travel again with Marcin soon and fully recommend his tours if you want adventure with comprehensive backup.

  2. :

    Knowledgeable and funny guide. More than willing to adapt as circumstances change. very good when problems arise !!!!! . tour nicely paced with plenty of time for photos etc.knows good camping areas and hotels. Nice balance of on and off road. Would definitely use Marcin again.

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